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About Eating Cultures

Dushyant, is a Pune based, accidental IT professional with over 25 years in the industry. Running a successful IT business for the last 10 years.  If he was not in IT, writing code, he would be working as a chef or a restaurateur.

Endeavouring to be a complete human being, and while being that, achieve success, has and will always be his objective.

While being in IT he has not been able to keep his hands off; his passion for food. He started a fast food restaurant called Burgerland in 1997.Barring a couple there was no authentic Burger or hotdog places at that point in time. This restaurant taught him a lot about cooking and keeping customers happy.

He continued his IT journey only to comeback again to food in 2014 when he started writing about food and sharing his insights with the world through his blog Eating Cultures.

Dushyant, has a network of home chefs where he does weekend cooking to serve party orders of 15-20 people with a large variety of food on the menu.

He also runs a food club in the area to be in touch with fellow foodies in Bavdhan.

One can find him in the kitchen more often than on his laptop

Dushyant Bhatia


Loves: Sindhi & Maharashtrian Cuisines

Dabbling with: Making vegetarian & vegan food interesting

Learning: Food Photography

Other Specialties: Team Building, Project Management, Databases, Open Source, Social Networking,

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