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Ashirvad Hotel, Chitrashala Chowk, Pune – Non veg, Mutton Thali Place

Ashirvad Hotel, Chitrashala Chowk, Pune

Non veg, Mutton Thali Place

This is for all the non vegetarian food lovers of Pune.

Ashirvad Non veg, Chitrashala Chowk, Pune
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I have been born and brought up in Pune and have no qualms in calling myself a veteran at knowing all age old food places in Pune.

Starting this series of mutton Thali places in Pune, whether they are the vintage ones or the millenial favourites.

Starting with Ashirvad non veg (although they serve veg too). This is the first place I visited with friends from my first job. The date would be somewhere in 1991, so now you know why I call myself a veteran. No need to guess my age from my posts though, my salt and pepper bunch on the head gives it all out very easily.

Ashirwad is a rustic small place in the famous Mutton galli of Pune. Located in Sadashiv Peth near Peru gate, this lane is filled with vintage mutton Thali places.

Ashirvad Hotel, Chitrashala Chowk, Pune - Popular for mutton thali Seating at Ashirvad Hotel Menu at Ashirvad

Mutton is served in the Kolhapuri style. The Thali typically has bowls of Pandhra rassa, Tambda rassa, mutton masala and mutton kheema. The bread is chapatti or Bhakri. Wrapped up with a bowl of rice too.

Ashirvad is approx 30 yrs old and it’s taste is old too. The Thali I had today was mild and perfectly spiced. The mutton was succulent and soft. Meat pieces for me are best when they melt in the mouth. I like these places because of the softness of the mutton pieces.

The mutton thali from Ashirvad Hotel Mutton thali - Ashirwad hotel, Pune Rice is a part of the thali

The colour of the gravies was perfect. The rassa though had a grainy feel to it. Possibly they had added some coconut in their pandhra rassa.

I chose to go with the chapattis rather than Bhakri. The chapattis were soft and the indrayani rice with kolhapuri styled mutton is a lovely combination.

Service has become much faster but am sure weekends would be busy. I have experienced long waits for my food here earlier.

This is a family friendly place fit for families who love non vegetarian.

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