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23 Extra Yummy Sandwiches For New Year

23 Step by step sandwich recipes

23 Extra Yummy Sandwich Recipes For New Year

I have been a fast food junkie since I have been a teenager.

Growing up, my first restaurant was all about burgers and roles and breads. Sandwiches, for me, are the quickest go to food. Specifically, burger buns filled with a variety of stuffing is what excited me to do this series.

I see sandwiches as whole some meals and hence give them the treatment they need. All the sandwiches created in the series are either a heavy breakfast or lunch or a filling evening snack.

Sandwich creation is an art. It is about visualising what each bite will be like and which bread would be the right one to use and what amount of which ingredient would give the finish to the sandwich. Whether I need to grill / toast or would it be a fried / cold sandwich.

There are now a lot of cafes which come up with their unique stuffing to be eaten inside two slices of bread. The cafes provide uniqueness by creation of their own sandwiches rather than running with the regular stuff. Although, I do prefer some classics to the mish mash stuff.

Following is how I would categorise my sandwiches (this is my definition and there maybe others out there too)

Cold Sandwiches

These sandwiches are generally eaten cold. The ingredients are either pre-cooked and refrigerated or then completely raw.

Grilled Sandwiches

Here either the whole sandwich is grilled in a sandwich press. Or the second could be that the ingredients are grilled separately, and the bread grilled separately.

The classic example of a grilled sandwich is what we have at the Mapro stop at Panchgani. It’s a wholesome masala filled sandwich which is pressed in a sandwich press which gets the bread grilled and the ingredients to get cooked too.

Toasted bread sandwiches

It is like a grilled sandwich but only the bread is toasted here, and the stuffing may be cold or otherwise.

Fried Sandwiches

The sandwich would be stuffed with something and dipped in a batter and deep fried. I have been debating that the good old stuffed bread pakora will also fall into the category of a fried sandwich.

Sweet Sandwiches

Bread stuffed with sweet fillings. We all have had Sandwiches spread with Jam, marmalades or Nutella. They all would fall under the sweet sandwich category.


Dips & Accompaniments

Most of the sandwiches I have created here go without a dip as I believe the meal should handle all the flavours without really looking around to add more taste using a dip. Having said that, some sandwiches may be a little drier or incomplete on all aspects of taste so I have used Mint mayo, ketchup, green chutney, schezwan sauce etc as a dip for the same.

Most of the sandwiches go well with wafers or French fries as they provide the crispiness factor to the otherwise wet sandwich. But, at places I have used baked beans cooked in tomato sauce as an accompaniment too. Salads with lettuce also go well with these to provide the crunch and the health factor to the same.


What I have tried to do

In the series I have tried to cover all the above type of sandwiches and since one of the days in the series fell on a Christmas day, I tried to create a Christmassy sandwich too.

The series is a mix of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, white bread, brown bread, burger buns, multi grain bread etc. Most of the ingredients used are easily available and the sandwiches are spiced enough to give a balanced taste to the followers of my blog.

Hope you enjoy the sandwiches created and have a good time making them. Please do get back with feedback and comments on how you think the sandwiches have turned out to be.

Here is my list of the 23 Extra Yummy Sandwich Recipes for this New Year!!

Click any of the names for a detailed step by step recipe of that sandwich.
Click on a photograph to see a close up of it.

  1. Tomato Cheese Toasted Sandwich 
    Making tomato cheese toasted sandwich

  2. Mashed Potato Grilled Sandwich, Comfort food
    Mashed potato filling on bread

  3. Grilled Chicken Toasted Sandwich Recipe
    Grilled Chicken Toasted Sandwich is ready!

  4. Corn & Spinach Sandwich Recipe
    Corn Spinach Sandwich

  5. Boiled Egg Sandwich Recipe
    Boiled Egg Sandwich

  6. Paneer Bhurjee Sandwich Recipe
    Paneer Bhurjee Sanwich

  7. Classic Chicken Mayo Sandwich
    Classic Chicken Mayo Sandwich

  8. Avocado Cheese Tomato Sandwich Recipe
    Avocado Cheese Tomato Sandwich Grilled

  9. Hummus & Chicken Sausage Sandwich Recipe
    Hummus Chicken Sausage Sandwich

  10. Chicken Kheema Sandwich Recipe
    Chicken Kheema Sandwich with the yolk running out

  11. Vegetarian Burger Meal Recipe
    Vegetarian Burger Meal Served

  12. Chicken Salami Sandwich Recipe
    Chicken Salami Sandwich Served with Chips

  13. Onion Tomato Chilli Sandwich Recipe
    Onion Tomato Chilli Sandwich served with Ketchup and Chips

  14. Protein Tikki Sandwich
    Protein Tikki Sandwich Served

  15. French Toast Nutella Sandwich Recipe
    Oozing Chocolate French Toast Nutella Sandwich Served

  16. Desi Chinese Sandwich
    Desi Chinese Sanwich Ready

  17. Spicy Tuna Sandwich Recipe
    Spicy Tuna Sandwich ready!

  18. Chicken Liver Sandwich Recipe
    Chicken liver sandwich served

  19. Classic Cheese Sandwich Recipe
    Classic Cheese Pepper Sandwich top view

  20. Tandoori Aloo Sandwich Recipe
    Tansdoori Aloo Sandwich served

  21. Mutter Mushroom Sandwich (Mushroom Green Peas Sandwich)
    Mushroom Green Peas Cooked

  22. Vegan Christmas Sandwich Recipe
    Vegan Christmas Sandwich served

  23. Cheese Toast – Deccan Queen Styled
    Cheese Toast Sandwich - Deccan Queen Style

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