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Table to Blog, Food Photography Workshop & Blogger Connect

Table to Blog
Food Photography Micro Workshop & Blogger Connect

An Eating Cultures Event – Food Bloggers Connect Series

What happens when you have a mix of food bloggers and professional photographers sit together and discuss food photography?

You get a heavenly dose of the best practices of food photography specifically for blogging.

Hosted by The Fat Labrador Café in Bavdhan, it was a good Sunday evening program. One of its kind in the western sides of Pune. It’s a nice cosy café and believe me they know their coffees well. The sandwiches they make and the Filter coffee they serve, shows they love what they do. The Fat Labrador Café has been conducting various events and is fast becoming a hub for coffees and sandwiches. People from Bavdhan and around pune also look forward to Saturdays and Sundays to spend time on the story telling, book launches, music shows, and food related events hosted by them.


Ram Balmur explaining the tricks Table to Blog, Photography Workshop Dushyant during a question and conversation

A Session by Ram Balmur

The session was conducted by Ram Balmur,an ace photographer and trainer. His flair of communication and ability to engage the audience was jaw dropping. The audience was continuously in awe with the command he had on his photography skills. He made the session much livelier with instantly getting in demos with his mobile phone connected to the projector. He covered the to dos and the not to dos with the practical demos.

With a few punchlines like “Photographs are lies told by photographers” and “All Smart phone cameras are bad, you can only compare over the less bad” he challenged most of the basic concepts carried by the bloggers.

His key concept was that taking random photographs will only give you a “Matka” chance that it will come out good. You are more likely to get your photograph correct if you visualise a photograph before you click and then prepare for it and then click.

He demoed by clicking a bowl of chips and also a glass filled with water. Simple objects but a variety of ways that they can be captured.


Using Tools on Cellphones

Another key point he mentioned is that the photograph is almost not always ready for the blog directly. It is always better to spend some time on learning certain editing software like Lightroom and Snapseed to make your photographs look better. In the quick session of these software he mentioned contrasting colours, shadows and what good photographs and bad photographs are all about.


Selfie from the other side by Aniket The workshop group With Aniket Naik at the Fat Labrador Cafe Ram, Jayesh and Dushyant, an after workshop selfie

After the Workshop

The bloggers went home with knowledge that will change their outlook to clicking food forever.

Eating cultures has started this series of sessions for food bloggers to help them improve their quality of blogs and give their audience a much better perspective of what they think and write.

This was a first event by Eating Cultures to this effect and all the bloggers shared their excitement on understanding aspects of food, presentations and writing.

Eating Cultures proposes to continue this series of value adding sessions on food styling, history of Food, food cultures around india and the world, basics of cooking various types of foods etc. in the days to come.

Look forward to connecting all the food bloggers in Pune and neighbouring areas.

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